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Current/Recent Scholars


2019 Scholars

Aleigha2019“I really love the dynamic at LPC. The ability to discuss different topics with people from every type of background is absolutely amazing and opens my eyes up to the thousands of perspectives and stories that make the world what it is. We’re constantly told that we are the future and LPC has definitely cemented that in my mind. It can be tough at times, but nothing worth experiencing happens without ups and downs." - Aleigha (Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong)




“When I first landed in Phuket, I was welcomed by two second years holding Cayman’s flag as they waited for one of my co-years and myself. When we arrived at the school, the doors opened and we were offered a warm welcome by those who were around. From the very beginning, I felt the kindness and wonderful community spirit that UWC Thailand has. @UWC has given me the greatest experiences and memories that I will never forget” - Ayanna (UWC Thailand)


2018 Scholars

“UWC has offered me so much in terms of academics and extracurricular opportunities but what it has offered me most is creating friendships with so many people across the globe. In my second year, I have met and bonded with new first-year students and continued to form new friendships with my co-years. I adore being a part of a school where coexistence and sharing of culture is so central to the mission and day-to-day life of the school. I have grown in ways I thought unimaginable this past year all because of the chance to experience life at UWC.” – Juliana (UWC USA)


In October 2019, ISAK Japan was unfortunately impacted by Typhoon Hagibis which swept across much of the country. Thankfully all members of the school community were safe and regular updates were sent by the school as they managed this difficult time. Second year student Fenna of UWC Cayman Islands says "it was a really tough week for the community but luckily we managed to stick together and work as a team to restore our school.” After the typhoon, Fenna travelled to Tokyo on her fall break and was even able to spend a day at the hospital helping patients as work experience. She enjoyed her time in Tokyo but notes it was devastating to see the damage done by the Typhoon. – Fenna (UWC ISAK Japan)


“I was told during the selection process that “UWC will change your life.” Today, without a doubt, I can say that who I was during the selection process and who I am today are far from the same in all aspects. UWC has shaped my thinking and has created a wide avenue for me to achieve my goals in the future. I have gained a lot of knowledge, security in my potential, and further appreciation of the UWC movement. I wish there was more I could say to express my thanks for this amazing opportunity.” - Mark (UWC Adriatic)


2017 Scholars

"I can hardly believe just how fast time has gone by! For me, it feels like just yesterday I got a phone call from the UWC Cayman Islands national committee, telling me that I was granted the opportunity to attend a UWC. I am forever grateful and I constantly reflect on just how lucky I am. My time has been filled with so much laughter, adventure and amazing new experiences.” – Marley (Pearson College UWC '19)



“Entering your final year at UWC is an uncanny feeling as you know that the life-changing
journey you have embarked on is coming to a close. Before getting to the end, you have to jump through numerous comfortable hoops - exams, and university applications all while trying to maintain a semblance of social and academic life. These hoops allow for a change in perspective that ultimately embodies the growth you experience in UWC. I am grateful for the opportunity to challenge and change my perspective.” - Courtney (UWC Maastricht '19)


“When I was accepted to Li Po Chun UWC, I was told by numerous people that these two years would be some of the best and the hardest years of my life. Yes, it has been tough. Yes, there were times when I wanted to give up. Yes, I continuously doubted my ability to perform well. However, at the end of the day, when I look back on this experience, I am incredibly proud of the progress I’ve made. I’ve grown so much as a person due to numerous lessons that I’ve learned. Thank you, UWC, for playing such a significant role in allowing me to experience such a fantastic opportunity.” – Elijah (Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong '19)

2016 Scholars

“Reflecting on my status as an alumna of UWC Red Cross Nordic brings an intense mix of emotions; facing the challenges and rewards that this new chapter of my life brings. My final term at UWC RCN was undoubtedly my hardest, with surmounting academic pressure intertwining with the desire to undertake new experiences with my new found family, as our time together in Flekke came to an end.” – Ayanda (UWC Red Cross Nordic ’18) 

After UWC, Ayanda took a gap year working in Cayman and then in Seville, Spain volunteering with the European Voluntary Service.


“Now that I have reached the end of my UWC experience, I can say without a doubt that these two years have been nothing but life changing! I continue to express my utmost gratitude for the support from friends, family and donors. The last 5 months of my time at Li Po Chun was filled with sadness, joy and laughter. Along with completing my IB finals, I also had the challenge of saying goodbye to my amazing teachers and beautiful friends of two years! Although my time at the college has ended, my passion and commitment to the UWC movement will not. As I make my way to University, I hope the values of Peace and Sustainability that have been practiced religiously, will stay with me.” – Chanelle (Li Po Chun UWC of Hong Kong ’18)


“Not long ago, I said my last goodbyes to my closest friends; the picturesque Montezuma landscape; and my home of the last two years. I am now faced with the challenge of summarising this experience that words often fail me to describe. Looking back at my time at UWC, I realise how much can be accomplished in such a short time, considering everything I have learned both from an academic perspective as well as through living in such a diverse environment away from home. My perceptions of people, politics, and the world as a whole has changed greatly during this time. Although I have now graduated UWC, the UWC experience and mission is something that never leaves you. This adventure has opened up a world of opportunities for me that I am so excited to discover. None of this would have been possible without the unfailing support, both financially and emotionally, from UWC Cayman Islands, who have afforded me the most unforgettable and truly surreal experience and opened doors to life-long friendships. For this, I am immensely grateful.” – Julian (UWC-USA ’18)