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Privacy Notice

The United World Colleges (Cayman Islands) National Foundation Ltd, also known as “UWC Cayman Islands” is committed to protecting the privacy of our scholars, alumni, applicants, parents and guardians, donors, volunteers, service providers, and other individuals we come into contact with as we carry out our national committee functions. As part of this commitment, we will be transparent in our activities, keep personal data secure, and help data subjects to easily exercise the rights they have in relation to their own personal data.

We process personal data in order to:

  • Recruit and select Caymanian students to be nominated to UWC schools and colleges;
  • Identify paths for non-Caymanian students to apply to UWC schools and colleges;
  • Determine financial need and award scholarship funding to Caymanian UWC scholars;
  • Nominate Caymanian candidates to UWC schools and colleges;
  • Support Caymanians and Cayman Islands residents during their UWC experiences;
  • Engage with UWC alumni who are Caymanian and/or reside in the Cayman Islands, including by promoting social, networking, volunteer and other opportunities;
  • Solicit, receive, manage and report on financial and in-kind donations we receive to fund our scholarship programme and to also fund or carry out our various operations;
  • Organise local programmes and events, particularly for UWC scholars and alumni;
  • Manage and promote the national committee and our activities, including producing statistics and publishing data about our scholars, alumni, volunteers and others; and
  • Administer the company that has been established to oversee the national committee, including complying with various legal requirements, including those arising from our status as an ordinary resident company registered in the Cayman Islands under section 9 of the Companies Law (2018 Revision) and as a non-profit organisation registered in the Cayman Islands under section 6 of The Non-Profit Organizations Law, 2017, and requirements placed on us by our Registered Office, bank and other service providers.

To learn more about how we use personal data or to exercise your rights under the Data Protection Law, 2017, please email