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Give directly to a College

Giving directly to a UWC school or college helps them have a sustainable income. Many have annual funds which you could contribute to, changing a young person’s life. There are two ways you can donate directly to a UWC school or college.

Donate directly

Click below to find out how to give to individual schools and colleges.

UWC Atlantic College more info
UWC Adriatic College more info
UWC Changshu more info
UWC Costa Rica  more info
UWC Dilijan
note: that people are directed to give via the Scholae Mundi Foundation
more info
Li Po Chun UWC  more info
UWC Maastricht more info
UWC Mahindra College more info
UWC in Mostar  more info
Pearson College UWC more info
UWC Red Cross Nordic more info
UWC Robert Bosch College more info
UWC of South East Asia more info
UWC-USA more info
Waterford Kamhlaba UWC more info
UWC Thailand more info
UWC ISAK Japan   more info
Give through UWC International

If you are a UK taxpayer, this can be the most tax efficient way to give - and you will still be able to have your donation transferred to a specific UWC school, college or national committee. See Employer and tax efficient giving.