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Current/Recent Scholars


“Reflecting on my new status as an alumna of UWC Red Cross Nordic brings an intense mix of emotions; facing the challenges and rewards that this new chapter of my life brings. My final term at UWC RCN was undoubtedly my hardest, with surmounting academic pressure intertwining with the desire to undertake new experiences with my new found family, as our time together in Flekke came to an end.” – Ayanda (UWC RCN ’18) 

Ayanda will be taking a gap year working in Cayman and then in Seville, Spain volunteering with the European Voluntary Service.


“Now that I have reached the end of my UWC experience, I can say without a doubt that these two years have been nothing but life changing! I continue to express my utmost gratitude for the support from friends, family and donors. The last 5 months of my time at Li Po Chun was filled with sadness, joy and laughter. Along with completing my IB finals, I also had the challenge of saying goodbye to my amazing teachers and beautiful friends of two years! Although my time at the college has ended, my passion and commitment to the UWC movement will not. As I make my way to University, I hope the values of Peace and Sustainability that have been practiced religiously, will stay with me.” – Chanelle (LPC UWC ’18)


“Not long ago, I said my last goodbyes to my closest friends; the picturesque Montezuma landscape; and my home of the last two years. I am now faced with the challenge of summarising this experience that words often fail me to describe. Looking back at my time at UWC, I realise how much can be accomplished in such a short time, considering everything I have learned both from an academic perspective as well as through living in such a diverse environment away from home. My perceptions of people, politics, and the world as a whole has changed greatly during this time. Although I have now graduated UWC, the UWC experience and mission is something that never leaves you. This adventure has opened up a world of opportunities for me that I am so excited to discover. None of this would have been possible without the unfailing support, both financially and emotionally, from UWC Cayman Islands, who have afforded me the most unforgettable and truly surreal experience and opened doors to life-long friendships. For this, I am immensely grateful.” – Julian (UWC-USA ’18)


"I can hardly believe just how fast my first year has gone by! For me, it feels like just yesterday I got a phone call from the national committee, telling me that I was granted the opportunity to attend a UWC College. Now, I am already halfway to becoming a UWC Alum. Of course, my entire first year would never have been possible without your generous help, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing past three terms. I am forever grateful and I constantly reflect on just how lucky I am. My last two terms have been filled with so much laughter, adventure and amazing new experiences.” – Marley (Pearson College UWC)


“It is hard to believe that a 'few" short months ago I was just beginning my journey as a UWC student. The excitement, fear and joy have not dampened as I continue to forge my path on this journey. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to attend UWC Maastricht as my first year has been a wild ride filled with significant exposure, growth and learning. This year I got to put many of my beliefs and notions that have inspired me to the test. This exposure was an eye opener and a focal point for growth and learning. As through the engagement with my culturally diverse group of peers I learned the plight citizens and countries face isn’t as far away as many of us believe it to be. This has encouraged to make my mark in terms of help anywhere I can whether it is through the joining of small projects that aim to make a change globally or speaking out within my school community on pressing issues socially, environmentally and politically.” - Courtney (UWC Maastricht)


“Going back to Hong Kong for my second term, I was excited for a number of reasons. I felt more prepared than I did in my first term and returning to Hong Kong was almost like going home. One of my greatest achievements this term would have to be being accepted into the Global Issues Forum (GIF) team for the academic year of 2018-2019. It is here where the team organizes discussions on variety of topics of political, environmental, social, economic, cultural and religious significance. In my opinion, GIF is a vital part of the Li Po Chun community. Being a member of the UWC mission comes with a responsibility and that responsibility is to be a potential change maker of the future, however that can only be done if we, as a community are well-informed about the happenings and important issues. For such a reason, being a member of the team is something which I am extremely proud of.” – Elijah (LPC UWC)


​“I am so utterly grateful to have been given the opportunity to study at UWC-USA. I applied to UWC because I am passionate about the mission and movement as a whole, to create a sustainable future for people of all nations, cultures, religions, colours, and more. This is a message that resonates with me. I feel that to mend the bridges between us we must educate ourselves not only academically but also about each other. I wanted to be a part of this wonderful mission and I am looking forward to working with soon to be classmates with this message in mind.” – Juliana (UWC USA)



“I am looking forward to a lot of new experiences. Most of all, I am excited about the opportunity to make new friends and to be in a classroom environment where discussions will include first hand experiences from students with widely different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Thank you for your contribution to the UWC movement which is benefiting students like me throughout the world.” – Fenna (UWC ISAK Japan)




"Wholeheartedly, I believe that UWC provides an innovative and multicultural environment to make a lasting impact. In this age of globalization, being placed in this type of environment with people from diverse cultural backgrounds will help me to become more open-minded, empathetic and a cosmopolitan individual sensitive to world issues. Having this unique experience will allow me to share my love for Cayman as a cultural ambassador, and also help to prepare me for work in Cayman." - Mark Plowright (UWC Adriatic)